Our History

McClellan Senior Living is located in Anniston, Alabama. Anniston is a growing retirement destination, and is home to a mild climate, beautiful landscape, low cost of living and first-class medical care. The area is known for its rich history and ties to Fort McClellan, a United States Army post that was established in 1898 right adjacent to the city of Anniston. Since the fort’s military operations ceased, McClellan is now a home for over 900 residents and thousands of employees.

McClellan's Mission

Our Mission

Every day, we work hard to create a sense of belonging and meaning in each resident’s life. Blending the attentive care of a loving family with the sense of accomplishment that our community instills, our staff will be there to gladly support your loved one in times of need. Our mission is to make sure that our residents have everything they need in a loving environment that fosters achievement.

McClellan's Values

Our Values

Our community values having a team of skilled professionals available around the clock, providing quality care to each resident, and fostering meaningful engagement between residents. Each of our activities, group meetings, outings, and events are carefully planned to provide meaning and excitement to each resident’s life. At McClellan Senior Living, our values are instilled in everything we do.

Our Team

The McClellan Senior Living team is made up of established, experts in the senior living industry. We are passionate about changing the lives of seniors for the better. Learn more about each of our dedicated team members below!

Kelly Lee


Kaylin Ogg

Resident Community Relations Coordinator

Cheryl Martin

Life Enrichment Director